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Wood flooring in room with water damage

Tree Limb Causes Storm Damage to Lake George Home

This Lake George room received storm damage when a tree limb hit the roof and allowed a large amount of water into the home.The flooring absorbed the water and the boards cupped and warped. Through specialized drying methods, SERVPRO can restore hardwood flooring on a case by case basis.

Kitchen with removed floorboards

Fridge Causes Water Damage in Long Lake Home

When a supply line to a refrigerator in Long Lake left water damage on this hardwood floor, SERVPRO techs arrived quickly and removed the hardwood boards as they had absorbed enough moisture that they buckled and warped but had restoration potential through specialized drying methods. 

sooty stains on walls and ceiling

Halfmoon Smoke and Soot Debris

The stains and coatings of soot on the walls and ceiling of this Halfmoon home can be cleaned by skillful SERVPRO technicians. Greasy film or dry smoke can be removed with varying tools like dry sponges, small portable vacuums, and formulated cleaning products. We strive to clean and prevent even the repainting of the surfaces whenever possible. Call us if your home suffers a fire loss.

SERVPRO equipment drying wet basement floor

Clinton Water Damage in Basement

Water damage from a broken supply line left this Clinton basement in need of fast cleanup. After extracting the water and removing the damaged wall and wet insulation, SERVPRO technicians set up an air mover and dehumidifier to quickly dry the cement floor.

water damaged carpeting in commercial property

Commercial Water Damage In Malta

If your commercial property in Malta experiences a water damage disaster, you need to call the professionals at SERVPRO. Our experts will respond quickly and return your property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

water damaged capreting

Water Damage In Clifton Park

When it comes to your water damaged commercial property in Clifton Park, timing is crucial. We’re locally owned and operated. Our fast response will save your property. SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

tiled floor, clean, exposed studs after demolition on the walls

Wilton Storm Restoration Result

The "flood cuts" removed the contaminated, non-salvageable drywall from this house in Wilton. The furnishings are back in the previously flooded rooms after total drying and disinfecting have concluded. Minimizing the deconstruction by our SERVPRO crew helps keep down the costs for our customers.

mold growing on wall

Mold Damage In Malta

Our mold damage technicians will respond quickly to your call in Malta. We are locally owned and operated. Our experts have the training, equipment, and experience to return your home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

equipment positioned in a rectangular basement drying it out

Halfmoon Storm Drying Basement

After water extraction, the SERVPRO advanced equipment, including axial fans, and LGR dehumidifiers are completing the flood damage cleanup process in this Halfmoon basement. Mold growth is always a threat after a dousing of contaminated water; we minimize that fungal spores can germinate and create secondary damages.

What does an Injectidry floor drying system do?

An Injectidry floor drying system is a piece of equipment used by professionals to extract and remove moisture from hardwoods.  This piece of equipment can save replacing an entire floor.  Dry versus replace.

Air scrubber setup in a bedroom

Odor Removal and Deodorization

Water and fire damage often causes powerful odors. The machines we use remove airborne contaminants and control the air quality during the restoration and cleanup process.

  • Air scrubbers
  • Thermal foggers and deodorization agents

In this photo we are using an air scrubber to filter the air during a soot cleaning.

Thermo Fogging for the removal of Fire Odor

This family’s home suffered from a fire. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County worked hard to recover the structure and contents. We were able to remove the soot and even the smell of the smoke from the home, so that the family returned to a safe, clean space. Our goal is always to make your home “Like it never even happened.” 

If a fire has damaged your home, call us right away at 518-885-2620. SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County  will treat you and your family with empathy and respect, and your property with care.  


SERVPRO tent and table with large signs on each side

Big Brothers Big Sisters Golf Tournament

SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County takes great pride in being a part of the Southern Saratoga County community.  We participated in a club washing to benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Southern Adirondacks, just one way to give back to our local community.

silver weather radio that says Tornado alert on the display

NOAA Weather Radio

One of our blogs was about "Building An Emergency Supply Kit" that would prepare families if they were ever faced with a loss and didn't have access to their usual belongings. One item on the list was "NOAA Weather Radio".

A weather radio is designed to alert you to potential dangerous weather situations, like an approaching tornado. It allows you to be warned ahead of storms, providing you time to seek shelter. 

If you are looking to purchase a weather radio here are some tips:

- Reviewable alerts (you can scroll through alerts and turn off the siren for alerts you do not wish to hear)

- Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) alert programming (alerts when specific counties are threatened, ensuring you only receive alerts for your county)

- Ease of programming and if you need help you can visit

Large Loss green tractor trailer

No fire or water damage is too big to handle

SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County is committed to providing quality fire and water cleanup and restoration services.  No fire or water damage is too big, rapid response time,with large loss capabilities.

Large Loss Response Team - Albany, NY

Table with SERVPRO banner on front and large sign sitting on it

Saratoga's B2B Expo 2016

SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County takes great pride in being a part of the community.  The Annual Saratoga County Business-to-Business Expo held on October 16,2016 where we displayed our products and services for local business and the general public to become more informed.

We are always here to help!

24 hours a day / 7 days a week we are here to help!   We are ready to assist you when the next disaster strikes.  To make it "Like it never even happened."