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Clifton Park Residents Need Professional Fire Damage Assistance

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

fire damaged open ceiling, soot, insulation Fire damage mitigation in Clifton Park includes cleanup, odor control, demolition, and restoration. SERVPRO provides a full-service experience.

SERVPRO’s Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration for Clifton Park

A home or business having any disruption is stressful, but when a fire breaks out in your Clifton Park property, these emotions multiply. Rather than acting in haste with DIY house fire clean up, calling in the help of trained professionals is a better route to take. Failing to use the proper techniques and products could lead to further damage and higher costs to fix the mistakes. SERVPRO features only highly trained and certified fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) who know how to address many situations. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster – getting you the results you need quickly and efficiently.

SERVPRO realizes the urgency when it comes to fire damage in Clifton Park. Therefore our disaster response team is ready to go 24-hours a day. Once you contact our customer care team, we mobilize a crew, and the Green Fleet is at your door in as little as four hours. The prompt response allows us to get started as soon as your structure is safe for entry, then fire mitigation efforts and cleanup begins.

Structural Safety and Integrity After a Fire are Key

Detailed inspection and assessment help SERVPRO determine the right course of action throughout the fire damage restoration process. Our project manager or crew chief will take a look at several factors to formulate a plan, including:

  • Structural safety, including overhead hazards, damaged flooring, charred joists, and other supporting materials.
  • Power should be shut off to the work zone or property during the cleanup and restoration to avoid electrical hazards.
  • Chemical/toxins present, such as fire that occurred in an industrial facility, garage, etc.

Smoke Remediation Technicians Address All Surfaces

Even if you had a small kitchen fire, the impact of smoke and soot residue might be exponential. Porous materials like ceilings, drywall, and insulation can absorb odorous particles. You may also have powdery soot from a fast-moving fire that settles on different surfaces. These residues can leave smoke damage like corrosion, pitting, and stains SERVPRO has proven wet and dry-cleaning methods selected based on each project and materials to get results. These get done to help restore versus replace with materials like textiles, carpeting, unburnt wood, and more.

When smoke residues do not get adequately addressed, it can lead to continued or secondary damage. Our IICRC-certified technicians know all the different types of smoke to select the winning combination of cleaning and deodorization.

  • Fast action allows us to keep odors from lingering to create permanent smoke damage.
  • Smoke and soot residues are common bi-products of fire, causing corrosion of structural elements and building materials.

SERVPRO team members wear personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout each fire damage remediation and reconstruction project. This gear consists of boots, gloves, coveralls, goggles, and respirators. We also use foot coverings to keep soot and soiling from getting tracked into unaffected areas of your property.

Why are Water Removal Services Necessary During Fire Restoration?

When first responders are on the scene putting out the blaze, chemicals or hundreds of gallons of water may be used to get the job done. SERVPRO’s Green Fleet comes stocked with various pumps, extractors, and tools to pull up standing water and address hidden moisture. Our team ensures no moisture gets left with the help of moisture detection devices. This helps eliminate musty odors and secondary damage and thwarts mold and mildew growth.

The time for your fire damage restoration varies depending on the scope of the fire, materials burned, and other factors. However, SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County has the best methods and teamwork to get it done right the first time. Call us 24/7 for emergency response at (518) 885-2620.

Prompt Water Mitigation Helps Lessen Damage in Clifton Park

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

demolished ceiling, fan in bedroom SERVPRO can restore and replace water damaged structural elements in Clifton Park homes.

Call SERVPRO in Clifton Park for Proven Water Damage Restoration Results

Aside from the shock and stress from burst pipes or another water emergency in your Clifton Park property, you are then faced with determining the best way to address it. DIY cleanup may be one of the first thoughts that enter your mind, but you risk missing areas where water migrated. Hidden moisture anywhere inside your home could bring the potential for mildew and mold growth or costly secondary damage to building materials. Turning to professional water mitigation and restoration professionals can be your best course of action in any water-related incident. This service is where our highly-trained and IICRC-certified crew at SERVPRO is Here to Help! We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

The great news with our team at SERVPRO is that you have our Green Fleet ready to go whenever you need help with water damage in Clifton Park. After you make initial contact with our customer care team, you will see our team at your door within hours. Time is of the essence with water remediation, so we get there fast to begin assessment and water removal services before secondary damage has time to develop.

Professional-grade Equipment Matters

Rather than reaching for a mop and bucket with a DIY project or calling a neighbor to borrow a wet/dry vac, SERVPRO has industrial-grade equipment to get the job done. Whenever you have standing water, our powerful pumps get the job done to pull out hundreds of gallons of water in a fraction of the time you could with a DIY. We also have truck-mounted extractors and the capability to handle floodwater riddled with debris. Each project gets assessed to tell us how many pieces of equipment we need to reach our water extraction and drying goals.

Drying/Dehumidification and Water Removal Services Go Hand-in-Hand.

Our mission is always to make your Clifton Park interior “Like it never even happened.” A significant factor in reaching our water damage mitigation objectives is implementing water removals and drying in tandem. This effort involves the strategic placement of drying and dehumidification equipment that we adjust as we go along so that we get the fastest, most efficient result. Some of the many pieces of equipment you may see us using include:

  • High-grade water extraction tools, both truck-mounted and portable. This equipment helps our SERVPRO team remove standing water and address moisture inside your carpeting, under the flooring, etc.
  • Powerful drying equipment like industrial fans, centrifugal air movers, drying mats, and other pieces boost evaporation to reduce drying times.
  • Dehumidification equipment helps reduce relative humidity (RH) within your property, thus speeding up the drying process.

Each Water Damage-related Project Calls for Moisture Detection

The last thing any homeowner wants is hidden moisture that could bring on unseen damage. To ensure we have entirely eradicated all excess moisture, our IICRC-certified technicians have access to a collection of moisture detection tools. We take the time to assess hidden spots behind walls, under cabinetry, behind baseboards, and under your flooring to locate and address any pockets that require further drying. We do this with:

  • Borescopes
  • Moisture sensors, meters, and detectors
  • Thermal imaging technology

What is Controlled Demolition, and How Does it Work?

In areas where materials are deemed unsalvageable due to water damage, controlled demolition takes place to make them like new again. We always work to restore versus replace, but some projects call for more detailed reconstruction. For example, if your water emergency involves gray or black water, such as a flood, many materials might have to be removed and disposed of according to local guidelines. Trusted area contractors and vendors can remove and replace:

  • Drywall
  • Paneling
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Carpets and carpet padding
  • Subfloor
  • Baseboards
  • And more

SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County is there when you require prompt, reliable water damage assistance. Contact us by calling (518) 885-2620.

Have Professionals Address Your Clifton Park Mold Damage

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

Microscopic view of mold with the caption "What to know about mold" SERVPRO knows about mold--from inspection to cleanup and remediation to reconstruction. We help our Clifton Park neighbors.

SERVPRO for Mold Remediation Services in Clifton Park

When you hear mold damage, you may not realize the impact that colonization of this fungi can have on your Clifton Park property. Black mold is never an infestation to ignore for our commercial or residential area structures. Once you suspect a mold infestation, you need to have it cleaned up quickly and in the safest, most effective manner. Rather than trying to remediate mold issues on your own, calling for assistance from skilled technicians at SERVPRO gets you the results you deserve. Once our team finishes, your property receives the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned seal of approval – allowing you to breathe easy once again.

Why not just use mold removal products to handle mold damage in Clifton Park? Because there is no such thing as mold removal, although you may hear some companies offering it. Mold is present all around us, in the air inside and outside, on our pets, clothing, and every surface. Total eradication is not possible, but skilled mold remediation is achievable by returning your work or living environment to safe levels. This removal of visible signs and musty odors is where SERVPRO comes in!

How Did My Mold Issue Start?

Because microscopic mold spores are everywhere, growth is more of a possibility than you may think. These microbes start to colonize with a boost in interior humidity or a water damage problem. If there is ample moisture, the right temperature, and organic food sources like building materials, paper, or fabrics, mold can thrive. Should you start to notice any of the following, it is best to contact our customer care team to mobilize a mold cleanup team to your door:

  • Suspicious dark patches or visible blotches
  • Musty, foul odors
  • A notable increase in relative humidity (RH) mixed with one or both of the above

Never Wait to Begin Mold Mitigation!

There are several reasons to start mold clean-up right away. The longer that you wait, the worse the issue gets, which could lead to:

  • Structural issues – Mold issues can bring on various structural problems. Mold feeds on organic materials, eating away at wood, glues, fabrics, etc. The longer you hold off on cleanup, the more your ceilings, walls, and flooring could sustain damage. 
  • Property devaluation – Whether you want to rent or sell your property, mold problems are a red flag in the real estate world. Waiting to address mold or attempting DIY remediation could lead to extensive costs to remedy the problem to sell.
  • Furniture degradation – Personal belongings and furnishings are not exempt from mold damage. The quicker you have them cleaned and restored, the better the chances of salvaging them.

How Does SERVPRO Address Mold-related Restorations?

SERVPRO has perfected the process of safe, effective mold cleanup and reconstruction. We have qualified IICRC-certified AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians. We have the right tools and equipment to help us get the results quickly so that your home or business sees little or no disruption. Our scalability is what allows us to adapt our services to meet the needs of smaller residential clients to large commercial customers. When you have a mold issue within your Clifton Park property, we get to work using:

  • Moisture detection tools, including sensors and hygrometers
  • Thermal imaging technology
  • Specialized vacuums to handle microscopic spore removal
  • Air scrubber equipment with HEPA filtration to facilitate odor and particulate removal
  • Industrial-grade dehumidifiers to increase moisture evaporation

You can also do different things at your home or business to keep mold from coming back. Remaining proactive and addressing root causes is the best defense. SERVPRO wants you to keep these tips in mind:

  • Always remove water from spills or flooding as soon as possible
  • Keep building materials and flooring dry
  • Ensure relative humidity (RH) throughout your interior stays under 60%
  • Check various areas for mold, including spots below cabinetry, around plumbing, and water-related fixtures and appliances

Call SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County when you require mold damage assistance. Reach out to us by dialing (518) 885-2620.

Need for Rapid Water Removal in Clifton Park Commercial Premises

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

Broken Pipe For fast and efficient service call SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County at (518) 885-2620.

Water Damage Cleanup in Clifton Park Premises

Whether clothing stores, apartment buildings, hotels, or even banks, commercial premises may be affected by water damage for many different reasons. Common causes of water damage may include damaged pipes, roof leaks, and problems with the HVAC system. In case of such an unexpected event, SERVPRO provides emergency water removal services to help keep your business safe and running.

Contacting a professional water removal service in Clifton Park immediately after the incident ensures a quick and safe recovery since it uses proper equipment and techniques. It is not just extracting the water on the floors but dealing with the moisture created by the incident, which could later lead to long-term damage within the facility. By contacting SERVPRO sooner, we have a higher chance to:

  • Minimize operational downtime
  • Prevent microbial growth
  • Limit permanent damage to the structure
  • Restore contents

How to Handle Commercial Water Damage Removal

Turning off the power, shutting off the source of leaks, and covering office equipment that could be impacted are some of the safety steps our technicians initiate upon arrival. After these steps, we extract the water and remove wet items before starting the cleanup procedures. 

Surprisingly, many water cleanup companies are not equipped to remove several feet of water. SERVPRO technicians come equipped with truck-mounted extraction units, portable pumps, and submersible pumps that can handle the amount of water extraction for your specific situation. Portable extractors allow access to restricted areas and are ideal in commercial places. If carpeting is deemed salvageable, we use a light wand to try to extract more water. 

Other steps to resolve water damage:

  • Drying
  • Humidity control
  • Deodorization

SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County professionals helps deal with commercial water removal. Call us at (518) 885-2620 to have an emergency water mitigation team dispatched to your location. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

Reducing Hazards and Extracting Excess Water in Your Clifton Park Home

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded Kitchen For assistance with flood damage anywhere on your property, contact SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County at (518) 885-2620.

How Do I Handle a Flooded Garage in Clifton Park? SERVPRO Removes Floodwater and Mitigates Secondary Damage

Dealing with a storm-induced flood in your Clifton Park property is overwhelming and frustrating. Seeing your belongings and valuable items impacted can leave homeowners unsure of what to do first. Our professional restoration team can help you take one step at a time to restore your home to pre-damaged status. During or shortly after the storm, as long as your garage is safe, you should remove visible hazards and valuables such as tools from the garage floor. When picking up loose extension cords or moving appliances, check that the power is not on since water acts as a conductor.

Now That I Have Removed Hazards, How Do I Remove the Water?

SERVPRO Uses Professional Equipment to Remove Excess Water from Your Home

Flood damage restoration in Clifton Park typically begins with removing excess water. If water is more than two inches deep, our technicians may choose to use a submersible or trash pump, depending on the amount of solid matter in the floodwater. After removing as much excess water as possible with extraction equipment, technicians squeegee out the remaining water. It is important to know that floodwater is black water (category 3), so technicians wear PPE (personal protective equipment) to eliminate contamination.

Why Do I Need a Dehumidifier and Air Scrubber in the Garage?

  • Dehumidifiers work in conjunction with air movers, speeding up the drying process by exhausting warm, dry air. Without one component, the other is much less effective.
  • It is essential to restore the RH (relative humidity) levels; too much moisture can cause mold growth and rust to your belongings in the garage.
  • Air Scrubbers use HEPA filters, removing unwanted contaminants from the air.

For assistance with flood damage anywhere on your property, contact SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County at (518) 885-2620. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Why Does SERVPRO Use Abrasive Blasting to Remediate Mold Damage?

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

moldy Wall Corner Don't try to handle mold removal on your own. Call in the professionals at SERVPRO!

Clifton Park Homeowners Are Looking for State of The Art Mold Damage Treatments

Residents of Clifton Park are proud of their homes and keen to look after them properly. Local homeowners know that only the best will do when they need to hire someone for home upkeep. They are looking for contractors who are well-trained and who know what they are doing.

One home maintenance job that needs a professional touch is dealing with mold damage in Clifton. You might consider taking care of the mold by yourself, but we do not recommend that.

What Should I Consider When Searching for a Mold Remediation Company?

Choosing a mold removal company in Clifton Park is an important step. After all, you will give them access to your property, so you want to know you can trust them to treat it well. SERVPRO recommends you look for:

  • Swift response times and round-the-clock availability – we are available 24 hours a day.
  • Well-trained staff – we put all our technicians through rigorous training.
  • Focus on results – our main aim is to leave your home "Like it never even happened."
  • A staff that knows a range of techniques – our teams use the latest industry-standard methods, including abrasive blasting

Our teams treat your home as carefully as we would treat our own.

What is Abrasive Blasting? 

Abrasive blasting involves shooting a high-pressure stream of media at a mold-encrusted surface to scrape away the mold. Blasting machines use an air compressor to propel the media.

There are many applications for abrasive blasting (also known as sandblasting.) It can be used to clean and scrub away all kinds of dirt and grime. There are also many different blast media available, including steel shot, glass beads, and even walnut shells and corn. The two most common media for mold remediation are dry ice and baking soda.

Because of the speed and pressure, abrasive blasting scours mold from non-porous surfaces such as wood or metal.

SERVPRO uses abrasive blasting because:

  • It is a highly effective way to remove mold from surfaces.
  • It is much more labor efficient than hand scrubbing.
  • We can choose between media types to get the best one for the current job.

How Does SERVPRO Choose Which Kind of Media to Use?

The type of media depends on the surface that needs cleaning. We use baking soda where possible. Baking soda crystals are soft enough to cause minimal damage to underlying surfaces while still being productive. Baking soda is also non-toxic (it's the same thing you add while baking, although the blasting particles are bigger). It also performs as a natural deodorizer and is easy to clean up afterward.

In some cases, we use dry ice for abrasive blasting. Dry ice blasting propels solid carbon dioxide crystals to the surface. Dry ice needs to be handled carefully – we equip our SERVPRO teams with the necessary protective equipment. Dry ice blasting is more abrasive than baking soda blasting, which means it is not suited to more delicate surfaces. However, it is sometimes the best choice for raw wood surfaces such as attic beams or crawl spaces.

What Happens After Abrasive Blasting?

When our team is finished blasting, it is time for cleanup. We wipe away media residues, and we also use air scrubbers to suck up any media particles floating in the air. Air scrubbers also catch loose mold spores and remove them from the air.

We also utilize dehumidifiers and air movers for drying the area if necessary. Drying creates an environment that is less appealing for mold spores and helps prevent regrowth. Our managers will follow up with you a week later to make sure you are happy with the mold removal and answer any questions.

If you need a mold removal team with excellent customer service, call SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County at (518) 885-2620.

Our Technicians Can Save Your Water Damaged Carpeting In Your Clifton Park Home

5/18/2022 (Permalink)

a SERVPRO technician pulling up water logged carpet Water damaged carpets can lead to many other issues such as mold. Stay calm and contact SERVPRO to assess and remediate the situation in your home.

Premier Carpet Cleaning for Water Damaged Clifton Park Homes

After a water loss incident, your Clifton Park home could be in dire need of cleaning and recovery actions. While there are dozens of restoration teams and services that you can choose from in Saratoga County alone, our SERVPRO professionals can help with premier cleaning services to restore the look and feel of flooring throughout your property like carpeting.

Water cleanup in Clifton Park homes often involves many phases of revitalization and renewal. Beginning in the area where the water damages originated, you can encounter the highest concentrations of moisture and dampness in the exposed flooring, wallboard, and trim. Carpets can absorb considerable volumes of standing water, but are also susceptible to lingering residues and staining when cleaning does not occur as promptly as it should.

We have a full division of experienced cleaning technicians capable of employing some advanced strategies with various carpet and flooring types. With water recovery, the first step is often to dry out the damaged carpet as promptly as possible with a combination of weighted extractors and evaporative drying techniques. An assessment can get made about the condition of the padding once the top carpeting layer gets detached. Light wands are an excellent extraction tool when the padding is not to be saved.

Hot water extraction and bonnet cleaning are two carpet recovery strategies that can improve the look and function of flooring in your residence. Hot water extraction has often been referred to as steam cleaning, and it features the pressurized blast of warm, clean water to the base of carpet fibers. With the powerful onboard vacuum to remove surface moisture, we can make many carpet threats for your home, “Like it never even happened.”

No matter how we can help after a disaster strikes, you can count on the fast and confident response of our SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County team. We have sophisticated equipment and trained personnel to improve the function of your carpet beyond removing water saturation, odors, and residues. Give our skilled experts a call whenever you need us at (518) 885-2620.

How to Remediate Commercial Fire Damage in Clifton Park

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

a kitchen stove on fire with smoke and fire filling the room Commercial kitchen fires can occur without much warning. SERVPRO technicians are standing by to help during this difficult time. We are here 24/7.

Effects of Restaurant Kitchen Fires on Your Clifton Park Building

Addressing fire loss impacts must happen as promptly as possible following a disaster in your Clifton Park restaurant. Because you have a steady flow of traffic throughout the day with customers and deliveries, even moderate damages contained in specific areas of the building can still considerably dampen the productivity of your business and the way you can service customers entering your restaurant. Our SERVPRO team can help to determine what your building needs by beginning mitigation as soon as possible.

Containment is a vital step to take after fire damage to Clifton Park restaurants if you intend to continue operating in any capacity. Many damaging elements could compromise the experience of your customers, including the presence of airborne contaminants, possible carcinogens, and lingering odors. Physical damages to surfaces and furniture in the dining area could be even more detrimental and make keeping your doors open throughout restoration unlikely.

Assessing the work to get done is a process that begins with our job scoping. Between our estimator and our project manager, we can meet with our commercial customer to determine the solution that works best for him. It is vital to establish timelines to know when your restaurant can expect to reopen. During our initial inspection, we can determine the tools, products, and personnel required to overcome all immediate effects most efficiently. It is our business to get you back in business.

Airborne threats are one of the most problematic effects after a fire loss. By establishing containment barriers with plastic sheeting, tension poles, painters tape, and wood framework, we can keep contaminants and odors from spreading beyond their highest concentration points. With the deployment of cutting-edge equipment with HEPA filtration like our hydroxyl generators and air scrubbers, we can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns and reduce or eliminate noxious odors as well.

We understand how vital it is to get your business back to running at full capacity as quickly as possible, especially in the demanding food and beverage industry. From content management through improving air quality with premier equipment, our SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County team can help. Give us a call anytime at (518) 885-2620.

Skilled Flood Damage Intervention is Best After Clifton Park Storms

5/8/2022 (Permalink)

a storm damaged house with a yellow storm damage sign in front of it Storms can destroy your roof and bring excess water inside your home. Contact SERVPRO should you be facing such an event. Our technicians are here.

SERVPRO’s Storm Response Team Handles Flood Damage in Clifton Park

Whenever a significant storm front comes through the Clifton Park area, your home may get subjected to heavy rain and high wind. This could impact your exterior, different structural elements, and even threaten your interior contents should flooding occur. Rather than attempting DIY that comes with hassles and possible risk, SERVPRO is there to address everything that truly makes your house a home. Our water damage and restoration crew are there to perform water removal services and other storm-related assistance to make it “Like it never even happened.”

What about contents with flood damage in Clifton Park?

Whenever there is outside water infiltrating your property, you will require contents restoration. Our SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) know how to handle everything from clean water to contaminated flood water events. We also work to restore versus replace, meaning we have a broad selection of products and techniques that help us salvage whatever is possible. Some of the processes we use to streamline cleaning and keep restoration costs low include:

  • Dry or wet cleaning methods – We select wet cleaning to help with moderate to heavy soils, while dry cleaning is best for pre-cleaning or lighter residues.
  • Spray and wipe cleaning methods – This is a good option for contents that cannot go through rigorous cleaning and agitation.
  • Foam cleaning methods – Such a process is better for fabrics (like upholstery) that could shrink or bleed while getting cleaned.
  • Abrasive cleaning methods – Our team can remove residues from different surfaces using agitation.
  • Immersion cleaning methods – With the addition of cleaning agents, contents get submerged in a bath to loosen and remove residue.

Flood damage after a storm calls for careful cleaning while also keeping contamination in mind. Look to SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County when you want the job done right the first time. Call us 24/7 at (518) 885-2620 or request help online.

Clifton Park Water Damage Restoration—Call SERVPRO

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

ERP mobile app device What Increases the Chances of Quickly Re-opening Your Clifton Park Commercial Enterprise after a Water Loss? The Short Answer is SERVPRO's ERP Program

Emergency READY Profile for Your Clifton Park Recreational Center

Recreation centers have multiple uses and purposes for the entire community, making them heavily used by many Clifton Park residents nearly every night of the week throughout the year. Between community events, meetings, and venue space for wedding receptions and banquets, the center only requires minimal upkeep and maintenance between uses to keep its aesthetic appeal. When unforeseen events occur that have the building battling water losses, you do not have the time to shop around. 

 Preparing in advance for any water damage to your Clifton Park facility can help to keep this building safer if something does go wrong. Our SERVPRO team of professionals can help the property manager to establish something known to our organization as an Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP.) This information becomes an app accessible to designated employees that can help them to have the right numbers and contacts during an emergency.

This free service that we provide to area businesses and commercial properties has been designed to reduce losses from water and fire emergencies substantially. We can identify all routes into the building, where vital shutoff points are for the plumbing and other utilities, and the appropriate chain of command to ensure that work can begin as quickly as possible once our SERVPRO team is en route.

ERPs also designate our team as the responder to disasters where restoration is necessary. Our prompt response helps to get mitigation efforts started right away, even in the middle of the night. We understand how much revenue a recreation center can provide, so we can work quickly to dry out the damaged area and strive to have the project completed before another rental is set to arrive.

No matter what kind of damage exists after plumbing breaches or appliance failure in your rec center, we have the personnel and the premier equipment to address it head-on. You can count on our SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County team to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime that you need it at (518) 885-2620.