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How To Properly Handle Waste After A Flood In Clifton Park

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in home after storm We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Proper Handling of Waste from Flood Damage Incidents in Clifton Park

Flooding causes a wide range of problems in the property it affects. The pile-up of wastes from different sources within the property, including building materials and contents damaged by exposure to water and contaminants, is common. Apart from cleaning up your flooded Clifton Park home, SERVPRO also helps manage the wastes produced, so you do not have to incur additional costs.

Removing Silt and Mud
Depending on the circumstances of the flood damage incident in Clifton Park, there might be waste materials brought in from outside the structure. For example, groundwater can sweep silt or mud into the house. Such waste is considered hazardous because it might contain chemicals such as pesticides collected by the water as it flows over different landscapes. Our SERVPRO crews use shovels or other appropriate tools to remove the waste before using pressure washers to clean off the remnants.

Handling Unsalvageable Building Materials
The process of tearing down unsalvageable materials on the floors, walls, and other areas can leave piles of debris. Removing the carpet and pad is standard if there is one in the property because of heavy contamination. The carpet is bulky even when rolled, which can complicate the removal. Our SERVPRO technicians cut it into small pieces allowing it to fit effortlessly in waste disposal bins.

Handling Mold Debris
In case the flooding incident leads to mold development, there is a need to remove all the moldy debris without spreading it to other areas. Apart from establishing engineering controls such as setting up containments with 6-mil plastic sheets, our SERVPRO technicians also take steps to store the debris removed from the site safely before disposal. We use plastic bags to hold the moldy materials such as insulation and drywall removed from different parts of the structure. Double bagging such debris helps ensure no spillage.

Proper waste management is crucial when managing flood damage. Call SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County at (518) 885-2620 to help. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County Provides Comprehensive Property Restoration Services

12/22/2019 (Permalink)

house floating inside a life-tube on the ocean SERVPRO Saves Clifton Park Homes from Flood, Fire, Water, and Mold Problems

Clifton Park Properties -- Flood, Fire, Mold, and Water Damaging Events -- and SERVPRO for Full Recovery

No job is too big or too small for our SERVPRO team, and our years of serving the Greater Clifton Park area can help to showcase this. Because we understand how destructive loss incidents can become, and how costly it can be to pursue your own subcontractors, we have developed a system of doing most of the restoration and recovery work ourselves for damaged local properties. We want to save our customers time and money, and that is why we can proudly offer full-scale build-back and repairs, including those after mold damages.

Because water recoveries are such a prevalent task for our trained SERVPRO technicians, we have to be very concise and thorough with our scoping of new projects. Water can migrate quickly throughout a Clifton Park home, and we have advanced discovery devices and technologies that can help to understand the spread of these effects and their severities better. An established perimeter of the current damage can help our SERVPRO team to establish drying zones that better maximize efficiency working in your home.
Effective drying begins with the placement and proper distribution of drying and moisture removal equipment. Air movers, along with refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifiers, can quickly manage the moisture content in Clifton Park homes. We can monitor the process every day, ensuring that we can reposition drying equipment as needed while tracking the progress of drying through our DryBook software.
Though drying is a vital element to restoring water-damaged Clifton Park homes, we also must consider the instances in which damaging effects persist for days and weeks at a time. We have a team of in-house general contractors that can begin essential mitigation tasks like a controlled demolition to expedite drying and reduce costs. These same professionals can seamlessly transition from this mitigation phase to reconstruction and plumbing repairs as needed.
Whenever fire losses occur, there is undeniable stress and an overwhelmed feeling that affects most Clifton Park homeowners. Most cannot see how their property in such disarray can look normal again. Part of the work that we do is helping customers through these traumatic experiences as much as it is restoring properties and their contents. The technicians dispatched to your fire loss are compassionate as much as experienced, giving you a confident and patient approach that can settle the restlessness after a fire disaster.
Debris removal is a service that we can offer after almost every fire loss incident, regardless of how limited your home insurance plan might be. The removal of charred belongings and ruined materials can help your Clifton Park property in many ways. This clearing can reduce soot particles in the environment, reduce harsh odors present in the house, and can make the space for mitigation and restoration work to continue more manageable.
We can work with your insurance provider to get mitigation steps started immediately to reduce the threat to your property from migrating fire effects. Smoke and soot influences can come with health risks for those exposed, not to mention the marring effect they can have on contents and surfaces in Clifton Park residences. Our SERVPRO team can remove these residues and odors with advanced equipment and potent cleaning/deodorization agents. Our crews have learned multiple IICRC-Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification best practices for helping our customers.
Storm losses do not happen at convenient times. The faster that professionals can get to work on the structural damages and the consequences of these situations, the better the protection we can offer Clifton Park homes and businesses. We have a team of emergency responders that can mobilize at any time to offer your property the mitigation it needs to reduce loss and save you money. This process begins with the emergency repair service we can offer from our in-house residential contractors. From roof tarping to board up services, we can reduce the penetration of floodwater to begin drying and extraction quickly.
Extraction is vital when floodwater is present because this standing water can saturate exposed material and amplify the likelihood of mold growth the longer it goes unchallenged. Our professionals have dozens of extraction units ranging from our wet-vacs with light wands up to our powerful extractor truck. Our SERVPRO technicians also utilize specialty extractor tools like weighted extraction tools that can remove moisture from carpets and padding installed in Clifton Park homes.
Drying and cleaning up after flood damage in Clifton Park homes can be vital to making these losses “Like it never even happened” for our customers. We have rapid drying solutions with positive pressure systems, air movers, dehumidifiers, and other equipment. Disinfection and cleaning can help to finalize the work that we have done before reconstruction begins, and we have many advanced cleaning agents and products to accomplish this.
Mold damage can be a very challenging situation to contend with, primarily because you might not be able to identify that a problem exists. Some homeowners can, fortunately, detect the presence of mold colonies by a physical discovery of the fungi on surfaces or an unmistakable musty odor emanating from a moist area of your Clifton Park home. Even the high humidity that can plague our area in New York during the summer months can contribute to an elevated risk of mold development.
We are certified through the state of New York as mold remediators, meaning that the work we do in Clifton Park residences meets or even exceeds the high standards of remediation contractors. With the high speed of migration of active colonization, our implementation of containment strategies and practical drying efforts can significantly slow and eventually stop the spread of the organism so that our removal techniques work.
Removing mold colonies from your Clifton Park home is not a singular approach, but rather a combination of many techniques blended together. These methods match the needs of your structure in the areas where colonization is the worst or might be lighter. Substantial damages with deterioration can require controlled demolition, for example, while lesser impacted areas can benefit from abrasive cleaning techniques such as soda-blasting or antimicrobial sprays.
There is no way of knowing when your home or business could fall victim to a loss incident, but our SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County team stands ready to help. Water, fire, mold, and storm damages all have devastating effects, and we have a comprehensive approach to get your house back to preloss condition quickly. Give us a call today at (518) 885-2620.

How Professionals Remove Water From Office Buildings in Clifton Park

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

Outside of multi-story office building Water loss events on upper floors affect office space beneath. SERVPRO can quickly remediate the damage.

Expertise in Handling Commercial Water Removal Saves Clifton Park Business Center

When everything is working smoothly, it is hard to believe anything can stop operations in a business center. In Clifton Park, a water loss incident brought everything to a standstill after a plumbing system failure in one of the washrooms in the upper floors of the building. Apart from flooding the businesses on the same floor, the leak also sent water through the wall cavities and elevator shaft, affecting lower floors.

Sufficient Extraction Power

Different dynamics determine the steps involved in commercial water removal, and the Clifton Park business center affected by the incident presents a couple of challenges. For example, most of the spilled water stagnated on the relatively level floors, requiring considerable extraction effort. Our truck-mounted water extractors and other high capacity removal equipment came in handy, providing the necessary capacity to remove the water fast.

 Draining Water from Cavities

Intrusion into the walls and other cavities also left water in the HVAC duct lines and C-channel metal framing necessitating other water removal techniques apart from using extraction tools. Our SERVPRO technicians drilled small holes at the bottom of the walls to drain water trapped in the framing. For the ducts, wet vacuuming helped remove most of the water before draining.

 Extraction from Different Floor Types

Our team is well versed with water removal from different floor types ranging from carpeted areas, hardwood floors, and tiles, which made it easier to deal with the different business units within the business center. Fitting the water extractors with squeegee wands for hard floors and carpet wands for the carpeted areas ensures optimal results. Scoping also helped because our SERVPRO technicians could identify aspects such as the pile density of carpets and the type of installation. Pile density lower than 30 ounces and direct gluing to the floor ease the extraction.

Commercial water loss can be challenging to handle. Call SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County at (518) 885-2620 to help find a viable solution to any aspect of the loss, "Like it never even happened."

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Call Our Professionals After A Flood In Your Clifton Park Home

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

flooding caused by a storm Give our technicians a call anytime that you need us at (518) 885-2620.

Deodorization After Flooding in Clifton Park Homes

While flood damage often requires the use of extraction tools and drying, there are other steps necessary to restore Clifton Park homes fully. When water goes unchallenged for days, even when microbial and fungal threats do not yet exist, deodorization is a fundamental approach to making these losses “Like it never even happened.” Neutralizing harsh lingering odors involves a combination of our premier cleaning solutions and odor removal tools.

Flood damage in Clifton Park homes can be a compromising situation, especially when you do not secure professional restoration services immediately. While our SERVPRO team has a 24/7 response to storm and flood emergencies, waiting days to contact our team can lead to inevitable loss and irreparable damage. These situations can also amplify odors that exist with the initial presence of floodwater when saturation becomes a more widespread threat.

The identification of odor catalysts is an essential initial step during the inspection and scoping of the work. Wet carpeting and deteriorating drywall can often require removal as moisture lasting more than 1-2 days make these materials susceptible to microbial growth and decay. Contaminated standing water can amplify foul odors in the house as well, making extraction a vital service that can utilize multiple tools in our SERVPRO inventory, including vacuums, pumps, and stationary extractors.

Deodorization of your home is something that often waits until much of the controlled demolition, extraction, and drying have taken place. We have multiple machines to help in this venture, but often a combination of air scrubbers with HEPA filters and thermal foggers can reduce contaminants and particles in the environment while neutralizing noxious odor compounds. While thermal foggers are a portable and lightweight odor removal tool, we also have larger units capable of affecting broader square footage, including hydroxyl and ozone machines.

Odor removal is not always one of the first considerations after flooding occurs, but it can become a hurdle preventing you from getting back to normal life after a loss. Our SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County team can help with cutting edge equipment and powerful products. Give our technicians a call anytime that you need us at (518) 885-2620.

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Call Us Day Or Night When You Are Facing Water Damage In Clifton Park

11/20/2019 (Permalink)

An Injectidry floor drying system extracting and removing moisture from the hardwoods in this home We use our Injectidry floor drying system to extract and remove moisture from hardwoods in your home after water damage strikes.

SERVPRO Is the Right Choice for Clifton Park Water Damage

Every call about water damage from residents in Saratoga County is a little different. This area is known as one of the best places to live in New York. SERVPRO is proud to serve your needs and to return your property to its preloss condition. We customize our process and equipment to fit your specific situation.

Do you have water damage in Clifton Park? If so, SERVPRO can assure you of six necessary steps always performed when handling any water loss restoration project.

Step 1: Emergency Contact - SERVPRO maintains a 24-hour response team dedicated to removing water, mitigating the effects, and preventing further harm to your home. We answer calls every day of the year, including holidays.

Step 2: Inspection and Damage Assessment - Our technicians secure your home after a water damage event. This action includes boarding up entrances to prevent further loss. We also inspect your home to identify collapsing ceilings, weakened sub-floors, and electrical hazards.

Step 3: Water Removal/Water Extraction - Pumps are used to remove standing water. If the amount is under two inches, we use smaller extractors. Once the visible water is gone, we look for water behind walls, in crawl spaces, and under floors.

Step 4: Drying - If the walls and ceilings are not too wet, air movers and dehumidifiers restore the normal moisture levels. They deliver a rapid stream of air across surfaces of furniture, drywall, and ceiling tiles speeding up the natural drying process. The larger dehumidifiers can remove up to 30 gallons of water every 24 hours.

Step 5: Cleaning and Repair - Floors may be okay once dry. If the water damage is minor, we treat or repair it. If fibers destroy thinner laminate flooring, it has to be replaced. If dry carpet only has small indications of mold, it can be treated with an antimicrobial cleaner. Often, both it and the pad both need to be replaced.

Step 6: Restoration - The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration certifies SERVPRO technicians. For more than 25 years, they have set the standards for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration service industries. We work with your insurance company. And to protect your family, we ensure it is safe to remain in your home while we work.

SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County is Faster To Any Size Disaster. Count on us to fix the water damage in your home, "Like it never even happened." When you need us any time or any day, call (518) 885-2620.

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Clifton Park Flood Problems?? SERVPRO Has Suggestions and Remediations to Help!!

11/11/2019 (Permalink)

building with flood cuts and drying equipment after a flooding SERVPRO Says--With Planning You May Be Able to Avoid Flooding and a Visit from Us to Your Clifton Park Home

Preserving Structures After Flood Damage in Clifton Park    

New York residents are no strangers to flooding, but did you know that a whopping 90% of natural disasters in the United States involve floods? Just one inch of water is enough to cause as much as $20,000 in damages without fast-acting professional care. Floods can leave your home vulnerable to damage well after the water has been removed.

If your home requires professional cleanup due to flood damage in your Clifton Park residence, the IICRC-accredited crew at SERVPRO can be at your home within hours to assess the situation and remove water. If your power is out, this team can bring power sources to clean and preserve your home in the event of a disaster. Whether you have standing water in your basement or waterlogged walls and ceilings, this team can restore your structures and ensure they are safe to live in once more.

Landscaping Tips to Minimize Flooding

A basement flood can create considerable damage to flooring, ceilings, and walls, as well as damage to the foundation. However, with some smart landscaping choices, you can help mitigate damages by diverting water away from your property.

?    Grade your yard. Making sure the dirt on your property slopes away from the home without affecting sidewalks and other properties is key to minimizing flood damage.
?    Plant a rain garden. These gardens, planted in shallow depressions (swales), are great for collecting water from floods, storms, gutters, and downspouts.
?    Add grass and native plants. Both can absorb water and facilitate storm drainage. Be careful not to cut the grass too short, or this can affect the roots' ability to absorb water.
?    Install driveway drainage areas. Channel drains and pavers along your driveway are excellent, cost-effective ways to divert water into the street during floods.
?    Use rain barrels. This eco-friendly solution is used at the bottom of downspouts to collect water. Better still, rain barrels are an eco-friendly way to water your lawn and gardens on dry days while minimizing pollutant runoff into local waterways.

SERVPRO is Here to Help

SERVPRO technicians specialize in a variety of techniques to preserve your home after a flood. After extracting water and disinfecting with EPA-registered antimicrobials, drying commences with carefully-placed centrifugal air movers and dehumidifiers. Structural materials respond especially well to desiccant dehumidifiers, which pass moisture collected from air movers over a desiccant material like silica gel, replacing the humidity with air that is warm and dry.

SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County can leave your home looking, "Like it never even happened." When disaster strikes in your residence, you can call (518) 885-2620 for fast cleanup.

SERVPRO Says--Clifton Park Business Owners--Be Prepared for Water Damaging Events to Your Property

11/3/2019 (Permalink)

image of SERVPRO ERP Mobile App on a Smart Phone What Increases the Chances of Quickly Re-opening Your Clifton Park Commercial Enterprise after a Water Loss? The Short Answer is SERVPRO's ERP Program

Emergency READY Profile for Your Clifton Park Recreational Center

Recreation centers have multiple uses and purposes for the entire community, making them heavily used by many Clifton Park residents nearly every night of the week throughout the year. Between community events, meetings, and venue space for wedding receptions and banquets, the center only requires minimal upkeep and maintenance between uses to keep its aesthetic appeal. When unforeseen events occur that have the building battling water losses, you do not have the time to shop around.  

 Preparing in advance for any water damage to your Clifton Park facility can help to keep this building safer if something does go wrong. Our SERVPRO team of professionals can help the property manager to establish something known to our organization as an Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP.) This information becomes an app accessible to designated employees that can help them to have the right numbers and contacts during an emergency.
This free service that we provide to area businesses and commercial properties has been designed to reduce losses from water and fire emergencies substantially. We can identify all routes into the building, where vital shutoff points are for the plumbing and other utilities, and the appropriate chain of command to ensure that work can begin as quickly as possible once our SERVPRO team is en route.
ERPs also designate our team as the responder to disasters where restoration is necessary. Our prompt response helps to get mitigation efforts started right away, even in the middle of the night. We understand how much revenue a recreation center can provide, so we can work quickly to dry out the damaged area and to strive to have the project completed before another rental is set to arrive.
No matter what kind of damage exists after plumbing breaches or appliance failure in your rec center, we have the personnel and the premier equipment to address it head-on. You can count on our SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County team to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime that you need it at (518) 885-2620.

Give Us A Call Day Or Night When You Are Facing Water Damage In Clifton

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

An Injectidry floor drying system being used on the floor in this home We are using this Injectidry floor drying system to extract and remove moisture from the hardwoods in this home.

Inventive Tools for Drying Out Clifton Park Water Damage

Recovering from any sized water loss incident can be a stressful period for Clifton Park homeowners. Not only are you struggling to protect your possessions from intruding water, but you must also determine the best approach for drying up the damage and moving forward. If you wait too long for the right preventative steps, you can be battling water loss effects through the majority of your residence. Our professionals can help. 

While our team has unique qualifications and training through the standard-setting Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in almost every area of water restoration and recovery, overcoming water damage in Clifton Park is not only about the knowledge and experience. Our team relies heavily on the deep inventory of recovery tools and extraction equipment that can efficiently help us to manage the worsening situation. 

During the inspection period, some of our innovative devices can first get used. With thermal and infrared imagery, for example, our SERVPRO team can identify the presence of dampness and moisture pockets in wall cavities and other inaccessible areas. Not only can this help us to reduce unnecessary tear-out and reconstruction, but it can streamline the drying process so that it can complete much faster. 

Our response team has hundreds of air movers and dehumidifiers that we can utilize to begin removing moisture from affected areas of your property. Air movers are ideal for this process because they have a concentrated blast of heated air to displace moisture in saturated materials and force it into the environment. Once part of the air, our desiccant dehumidifier collects it. 

Our SERVPRO team also arrives with specialty equipment tailored to specific scenarios. WE have weighted extractors to help pull water up from saturated carpeting. We also have large drying mats capable of slow and steady moisture draw from damaged hardwood. No matter what materials became affected by the disaster, our technicians can make it “Like it never even happened.” 

Water loss situations can be challenging for homeowners, but our SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County team can help. Give us a call anytime at (518) 885-2620.

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Stop Wasting Time and Start Remediating Storm Damage in Your Clifton Park Home

10/25/2019 (Permalink)

flooding in a kitchen Don’t let storm damage ruin your home, call SERVPRO quickly to get it remediated.

Do Flood Cuts Make Drying Faster for Clifton Park Homes?

We have many practices implemented during the mitigation phases of restoration designed to reduce loss and to make the recovery of construction materials and contents in your Clifton Park home faster. With substantial loss incidents like flooding, these practices become more direct and deliberate, offering immediate access to damaged areas like structural cavities. Flood cuts can be beneficial for your property in several ways.

Moving quickly to address all aspects of flood damage in Clifton Park homes is vital. The longer structural elements and construction materials remain exposed to standing water, the more it changes their compositions and weakens them. Elements like drywall can rarely stand more than 24 hours under direct exposure conditions, which is what makes approaches like flood cutting a common approach of our SERVPRO professionals.

During the initial assessment of your property, our technicians work to establish the dryline in exposed construction materials like the drywall. Being a porous material, sheetrock can absorb more significant volumes of standing water, and it can wick upwards from the baseboard towards the ceiling. Where this wicking stops and unaffected material continues is the dryline. This newly marked damage point is the location for flood cuts to get made, opening up the lower portion of the wall for several purposes.

One immediate positive of flood cuts is the access our SERVPRO team has to the structural cavity damaged by the disaster. The area can now get reached more easily with the extraction tools we have, which is much more useful than relying on forced air systems to dry out widespread water damage and saturation.

Another distinct advantage of choosing the flood cut route is how much faster drying can get accomplished. With the use of low-profile air movers and other critical moisture removal tools in our inventory, we can dry out saturation and lower relative humidity conditions to acceptable parameters.

There are several paths that even our experienced SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County professionals might take after a flood to restore your home. No matter which we choose, you can count on our expertise to save you time and money when it matters most. Give us a call today at (518) 885-2620.

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Halloween Safety Tips

10/4/2019 (Permalink)

Two jack-o-lanterns at night with glowing eyes Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner, we want you and your family to be safe while out this season.  When choosing a costume, be sure that it is flame retardant. Any loose or non- flame retardant materials can catch fire easily. Be sure that you can see clearly avoid masks that limit your field of vision to reduce trip hazards. Costumes tend to be dark in color making them harder to see while driving.

Consider lighting your jack-o-lantern with LED battery operated candles instead of an actual candle.  Electronic candles are better to decorate with than actual candles to avoid catching decorations on fire. Dried cornstalks and crepe paper decorations are especially susceptible to ignite around flames. Keep these materials away from heat sources such as space heaters or open flame candles.  Two of every five fires reported were because decorations caught fire in the home according to the NFPA.  Above all never leave a candle or open fire unattended.

SERVPRO of Southern Saratoga County hopes you have a safe and Happy Halloween. Should you need any of our  call us directly at 518-885-2620.