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Wilton Water Damage from Flooding

Rainwater that drives in from an open window is typically not considered black water. That is, not contaminated heavily with microorganisms, pesticides, sewage,... READ MORE

Look Up, There’s Water Damage in This Hadley Ceiling

Pipe breaks that leave water damage behind as seen in this Hadley ceiling present challenges for cleanup. A sagging ceiling can cause injury if it falls and SER... READ MORE

Long Lake Kitchen Needs Water Damage Restoration Due to Supply Line Break

A leak in a refrigerator supply line left water damage in this Long Lake Kitchen. The water exposure went on long enough that the hardwood floorboards cupped an... READ MORE

Fire Damage Cleanup in Argyle Kitchen

At first glance, this fire damage in an Argyle kitchen looks like only the stove and overhead microwave got the worst of it. However, soot and smoke residue cov... READ MORE

Clinton Basement with Water Damage from Broken Supply Pipe

This Clinton basement received widespread water damage when the supply line to the water heater tank broke. Water covered a good portion of the floor area and r... READ MORE

Sump Pump Fail Floods Clifton Park Storage Room

This basement was used as storage in a Clifton Park home and the sump pump failed resulting in several inches of water pooling in the room. When the water is de... READ MORE

Abandoned Clifton Park Storm-Ravaged Structure

The Before Photo illustrates emphatically when stormwater is allowed to soak into the first floor of a vacant house in Clifton Park. The contaminated groundwate... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Clifton Park

We know that a kitchen fire can be devastating to your Clifton Park home. Our specialists are here to help. To limit further damage, our experts will respond qu... READ MORE

Clinton Park Black Water Storm Destruction

The groundwater is still visible on the hardwood flooring in this Clinton Park two-story home. SERVPRO technicians can work fast to extract the flooding, and mi... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Rotterdam, NY

Our experts were contacted by a homeowner in Rotterdam regarding a flood damage disaster. A pipe broke in the basement, causing significant damage. The water wa... READ MORE